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Kansas City International Airport offers a wide range of parking options to meet your travel needs. From nearby Economy lots to year-round valet options at each terminal, see how to make parking the easiest part of your trip.

  • $9.00 per 24-hour period

    Drivers can enter the Economy Parking Lot from either Mexico City Avenue or the entrance closest to inbound Cookingham Drive and use any of the over 15,000 parking spaces. Once parked, travelers should wait at the enclosed bus stop shelter nearest their vehicle and can board any blue bus on the route. Drivers parking in the Economy Parking Lot can enjoy free shuttle bus service to/from the terminal approximately every twenty minutes, twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week. Once at the terminal, the blue shuttle buses load and unload from a marked, central location on the commercial curb on the Arrivals (lower) level. Travelers looking for departing flights should then use elevators, escalators, or stairs in the terminal to access the upper Departures level which holds all airline kiosks, check in counters, and the security screening check point.

    For questions and assistance, please use the courtesy phone located inside each Economy Parking Lot shelter or call 816-243-5544 from your mobile.

    The Economy lot offers electric vehicle charging stations.

    All buses are wheelchair accessible.

    $9.00 per 24-hour period

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  • The Surface lot is available for those who would like to park a little bit closer to the terminal than the Economy lots, but does not want or need covered parking in the garage. The Surface lot is divided into seven sections, areas A through F.

    The Surface lot has 6 EV chargers and 1 EV ADA space in row B2.

    To learn more about how to navigate our surface lot, check-out our walk-through video on our Terminal How-To's page.

    First 30 minutes: $2.00
    30 to 60 minutes: $4.00
    1 to 4 hours: $4.00 additional per hour
    4 to 24 hrs: $20.00 total

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  • The new parking garage has more than 6,000 spaces. As you approach the parking garage, there will be signage that will tell you how many spots are available on each level. Once you're into the parking garage, you'll find red-light-green-light technology to help you identify where open spots are located.

    We have 52 EV Charging spaces and 4 EV ADA charging spaces in the new garage on Level 4 Row E.

    Garage Clearance Height is 8’2” Stall width is 9’.

    Garage is open 24/7/365. Call 816-243-5870 for more information.

    First 30 minutes: $2.00
    30 to 60 minutes: $4.00
    1 to 6 hours: $4.00 additional per hour
    6 to 24 hrs: $28.00 total

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    To learn more about how to navigate our parking garage, check-out our walk-through video on our Terminal How-To's page.

  • A full-service parking facility near Kansas City International Airport. Offering:

    • Convenient access to Interstate 29
    • 24/7 Valet parking, covered and uncovered
    • Complimentary shuttle bus service just minutes to/from the airport terminal
    • Luggage handling assistance
    • Covered vehicle drop-off area
    • Basic or Deluxe car wash service
    • Frequent Parker, Corporate Parker and Travel Agent Programs
    • Express checkout
    • Electric vehicle charging stations

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  • This true drop-and-go valet service is available 24/7/365.

    The valet drop-off area is located just inside the parking garage, across from the check-in hall. As you pull up the Departures roadway, look for signs to veer left into Valet Drive in the parking garage. Look for directional signage and valets dressed in safety-orange shirts. Pull forward--your valet will greet you, assist with your luggage, perform a quick visual inspection of your vehicle, collect your phone number, scan your return itinerary and send you on your way. Your valet will safely and securely park your vehicle in a nearby garage parking spot.

    When you return, call 816-243-2019, even while on your aircraft taxiing to your gate. We'll have your vehicle waiting for you. Incidentally, valets graciously accept tips for excellent service.

    0 to 4 hours: $15.00
    4 to 7 hours: $5.00 additional per hour
    7 to 24 hrs: $35.00 total

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  • Plug in before you fly out.
    Kansas City International Airport offers electric vehicle charging stations inside the Parking Garage and Economy Lots. In partnership with Evergy's Clean Charge Network, travelers can plug in and fly out knowing they'll come home to a fully charged vehicle. Travelers will need a free Evergy Clean Charge Network card in advance. Visit Evergy's website for more information and to sign up.

    Kansas City International Airport has 52 EV Charging spaces and 4 EV ADA charging spaces in the Garage on Level 4 Row E. The Surface Lot has 6 EV chargers and 1 EV ADA space in row B2. Economy Parking Lot C has 24 EV charging spaces. EV Charging is also offered with Valet service. Customers using electric vehicle charging will need a ChargePoint account to use chargers.

  • Relax while you wait for your arriving friends and family in Kansas City International Airport's free cell phone waiting lot at 680 Brasilia Ave. This lot is just a few minutes away and will help you avoid circling the roadways, save yourself the time, gas and hassle. This building offers restrooms for all operators. In addition, the accompanying new parking lot has five bus parking stalls, 30 limo/van stalls, over 50 taxi stalls and over 90 cell/Uber/Lyft stalls.


    Cell Phone Waiting Lot Usage Regulations:
    Maximum wait time: 45 minutes
    No unattended vehicles; unattended vehicles will be towed at the owner's expense (City of Kansas City, MO, Ordinance Sec. 70-641)

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  • Visit our Rewards & Coupons page to take advantage of travel discounts, coupons and frequent parker rewards.

Airport Parking Availability

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Other parking options include our Surface Lot, Economy Lot, and Park Air Express.
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