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Master Plan

The New Terminal Project
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KCI Master Plan and Part 150 Studies
On Dec 18th, 2008, the City Council for the City of Kansas City, Missouri approved Resolution No. 081231. This resolution adopts the Kansas City International Airport 2008 Master Plan Study and Part 150 Noise Compatibility Program as the official guide for development of Kansas City International Airport. The Executive Summary for each of these studies is presented on this site. These plans are important tools the City uses to identify aviation issues and needs, land use, transportation issues, development guidelines, recommendations and priorities for public investment, stormwater management and environmental stewardship for the project area. They will serve as the framework to guide decision-making as it relates to the KCI facilities and the City’s overall Comprehensive Plan. This is the first time anywhere that an Airport Master Plan and Noise Compatibility Study have ever been combined with a general land use plan for the surrounding area.

Historic District/Mitigation

KCI Terminal Area Master Plan - 2015

Kansas City Master Plan Executive Summary 2009

Kansas City Master Plan Technical Report 2009  

Kansas City Master Plan 1995

Programmatic Agreement – National Historic Preservation Act

Construction Master Monitoring Plan