Joel Beyer - CFI/CFII

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Feb 26, 2019
Ive been a full time flight instructor in the KC are for almost 15 years now. Well, except for the 3 years I was in Seattle. Former owner of the flight school at “the greatest little airport in Kansas,” Gardner Muni, of which I miss flying out of that airport greatly and take students over whenever possible. Currently based at New Century Air Service but also train in owner aircraft, especially experimental aircraft.

My primary focus is working with students headed into missions aviation and overseas operations, as well as youth aviation. I was a Cirrus instructor for 8 years while flying with a local company as their Chief Pilot and love teaching everything single engine from primary training in a tailwheel with nothing but the basics to advanced operations, like mountain and high altitude flying, in the latest glass panel aircraft.

When I am not flying, you can find me with my family at church (where I am a pastor), hanging out in the great outdoors or driving my school bus.
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